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AIPECT responds to the need to create a locus for scholarly thinking about questions related to security, peacebuilding, and development in Morocco in particular, our regional entourage and Africa in general. We aim at developing an exchange platform between Moroccan governmental and nongovernmental bodies and their counterparts in Africa and at the international level. To achieve these goals, we deem it necessary to craft an inclusive approach that looks to the different stakeholders operating in our spheres of interest, and takes into account the different elements constituting our future plans.

Areas of Interest

  1. Peacebuilding

    Peacebuilding is an intervention that is designed to prevent the start or resumption of violent conflict by creating a sustainable peace. AIPECT undertakes to join initiatives to effectively contribute to ensuring durability of peace in all African countries through preventive actions. This entails all activities and forms of intervention that seek to prevent potential conflicts from erupting, mainly by addressing the possible triggers of violent or nonviolent confrontations. Also, it covers societal resilience building through the implementation of training workshops, and opening profound debates over the main concerns of local communities, paving the way for subsequent capacity-building interventions.

  2. Security

    AIPECT seeks to bring to limelight the key challenges facing security in Africa and at the international level as well. Our work centers around three prominent axes:

    1. Promoting awareness of the existing political, military, ethnic, religious and other important security dimensions that could have impact on conflicts in Africa, in order of course to influence the implementation of sound and peace and security policies.
    2. Addressing the root causes of terrorism, organized crime and human trafficking, including extremism, food insecurity and famine and, obviously, poverty.
    3. Providing strategic insight for pathways of cooperation between Morocco and other African countries with regard to issues like peace and security; democracy and governance; economic growth, trade and investment, education and culture.
  3. Human Development

    AIPECT operates hand in hand with other governmental and nongovernmental organizations in Morocco and elsewhere to promote human development in African countries, with more focus on programs that target youth and women. We are more aware of the fact that sustainable peace is possible only by bringing into play development plans that touch upon the needs of people. We also believe that any conceptualization for development in Africa should emanate from below, other than being crafted with centralized approaches that ignore local aspirations. with this mind, AIPECT aims to:

    • work with other stakekolders to highlight the key challenges facing development in african countries, without overlooking needs of local communities.
    • stregthen the capacities of local actors, including nongovernmental organizations, in areas related to fundraising, negotiation, project management, networking skills, goal setting, etc.

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