Morocco’s return to the African Union: An Impetus to South-South Cooperation in the Continent

May 20, 2017, Oslo

In partnership with the African Institute for Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation (AIPECT), and in coordination with the Norwegian branch of the International Organization “Initiatives of Change”, the Moroccan Council for Scandinavian and Nordic Countries organized a conference in Oslo during which participants discussed Morocco’s return to the African Union (AU).

Led by Mohamed Ahmed Gain, professor at Ibn Tofail University in Kenitra, and president of AIPECT, this conference was an opportunity to discuss the objectives of the return of the Kingdom to its African institutional family.

This event was organized on the occasion of the celebration of World Africa Day. It was marked by the participation of several actors from civil society, economic and political actors and diplomats.

In this context, Mr. Gain noted that this reintegration aims to strengthen Morocco’s role in the continent, in accordance with a participatory approach and a win-win partnership, highlighting the promising prospects of cooperation of the Kingdom with the African countries and the depth of cultural ties between the two sides.

According to professor GAIN, South-South cooperation, of which Morocco makes one of the priorities of its foreign policy, confers a suitable and solid framework likely to further strengthen the Kingdom’s presence on the continent, as leader in various fields. In this regard, he cited the development of cooperation in key sectors such as finance, agrobusiness, telecoms and renewable energies, thanks to bilateral agreements with several African countries.

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