The first training workshop on “Mediation and conflict Transformation”

29, 30 and 31 January 2017 in Nyabihu

The first training workshop on “Mediation and conflict Transformation” led by Mr Mohammed Ahmed Gain, is the outcome of a cooperation framework lunched between the African Institute for peacebuidling and Conflict Transformation (Rabat, Morocco) and Rwanda Youth Clubs for Peace Organization, in the Western province of Rwanda. Three days of advanced training took place 29, 30 and 31 January 2017 in Nyabihu district, whereby 20 participants from different districts of the Western province gained deep insight in various tools of analysis of conflicts, and inputs into mediation skills and how to carry out a mediation intervention in zones of conflict.

The visit paid by Mr Gain to Rwanda was also an opportunity to lay foundation for future cooperation platforms with various Rwandan governmental and non-governmental institutions.

The First meeting was with the senior advisor of the Commission Nationale de Lutte Contre le Genocide, Mr Diogene Bideri, who expressed his appreciation for the initiative to visit their institution, on the purpose to know more about their experience, and declared his readiness to join all efforts for further cooperation with AIPECT.

the Second meeting was with Mr Robert Mwesigwa, the Executive Secretary of the National Youth Council. During the meeting, Mr Mwesigwa gave a short introduction of their scope of activity in the National Youth Council, and the areas they cover in relation to youth empowerment. Mr, Gain on his side introduced the Moroccan experience in human development, and the important experience capitalized so far in the inclusion of youth in development plans. Both parties agreed by the end to launch an exchange programme, which will start with an advanced training course within a “Train of Trainer” framework  on mediation.

The last meeting was with Mr Joseph Nkurunziza, the director of Never Again Rwanda, a leading non-governmental organization working on peacebuilding, the protection of human rights and governance. This was also a rewarding meeting, wherein Never Again Rwanda (NAR) showed much interest in the Moroccan experience, with regard to the highly celebrated Moroccan reputation in the protection of human rights and the endeavours led by Morocco in Africa in reinforcing peace pathways. NAR declared their willingness to cooperate with AIPECT in view of their common areas of interest, and hoped that they could beneift from the Moroccan experience especially in the PEACE BUILDING INSTITUTE (PBI) they organize every year in Rwanda.

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